The simple solution to make your dentures fit perfectly again


Your dentures will always keep their shape, but your mouth constantly changes over time. Gums can shrink and your bone can change, resulting in a poor denture fit.


Don’t worry though, this is easily fixed with a process called a denture reline. A reline can preserve your gum health, correct your bite and improve facial appearance, giving you the support you need.


We offer both hard relines and soft relines, depending on your needs...

Hard denture relines


A hard denture reline will make your dentures much more stable, giving a better fit and offering more facial support. The harder material used means the denture keeps its rigidity, giving a fit that will last much longer than with a soft reline.

Soft denture relines


Soft denture relines are often used for those who suffer with tender gums and sore spots. The soft material used makes your dentures kinder to your mouth and give a more comfortable feel. In particular, people with a very flat lower ridge will benefit from a soft reline. The material remains soft and pliable, for an improvement that’s instantly noticeable.


You may be surprised at how little it costs to have a denture reline. Book an appointment today and say goodbye to your discomfort.

What happens if I don’t get my dentures relined?


If your dentures don’t fit correctly and you choose not to get them relined, this can lead to many consequences, including:


  • Food getting stuck under your teeth, making your gums red and sore and potentially leading to gum disease.
  • Fungal infections and denture stomatitis caused by rubbing.
  • Trauma to your bone beneath the denture, potentially leading to bone shrinkage if not corrected.
  • Painful jaw joint problems.
  • Poorer quality of life and lower self confidence.


Ignoring these problems could be harmful in the long term. The fit of your dentures will get worse, and new problems can occur as a result.


If you experience any of these problems, please make an appointment immediately. We offer a free initial appointment so you can have all of the information before you decide whether to go ahead.