How we work

We make the process easy for you


Here at The Denture Shop we offer everyone a free initial consultation to assess your needs and create your bespoke dentures, or repair the ones you have.


Our friendly team are highly qualified and registered with the GDC (General Dental Council) so you can be assured of professional advice that gives the best results.


Although we offer private treatment, many are surprised at our prices - dentures start from as little as £450, and denture repairs from £40.


We often treat patients directly, although some will need a referral. We are happy to handle this, making the process simple for our customers.


Your initial consultation is free and we never have hidden costs – you’ll be given your full options up front before you make a decision.

What is a Clinical Dental Technician? 

Well…a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a registered dental professional who can provide complete dentures direct to patients AND they are also a qualified dental technician, a dental team member who makes dental devices on prescription from dentists.


The combination of the practical training and knowledge of both the clinical and technician procedures in denture fabrication enables a CDT to provide a service unlike any other. As well as effective communication between both the patient and CDT, these traits provide an understanding and guide of what is needed to ensure the resultant denture is the most ideal for each patient. The dentures are therefore fabricated to the best of their ability which resultantly creates a reliable dental service to the patient.


Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before a CDT can begin treatment. However, this legality is discussed in detail between the CDT and patient with in depth information and guidance. This is in-case of a need to refer a patient to a dentist for a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health.

So what can we do?

At the Denture Shop our fully trained and qualified Clinical Dental Technicians can offer you a FREE consultation. Our consultation appointment offers you time to discuss what options are on offer to you which addressed your dental need. We ensure all options are explained as well as discussion of cost for each individual option with NO additional fees and NO obligation to proceed. 


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, our clinicians and staff are fully prepared with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with Public Health England guidelines to ensure every patient’s safety during your appointment time with us. We also undergo a short patient screening questionnaire via phone before your appointment to ensure you are well to attend. So don’t let the pandemic hinder your need!!! 


If you feel you are in need of a spare set or you are ready for a new set of dentures book a FREE consultation with one of our professional Clinical Dental Technicians or give us a call on 0191 389 0204.

"I can highly recommend the denture shop,their commitment, professionalism and care is first class."


S. Nelson