Brand new dentures for comfort and function


The Denture Shop offers the highest standard of dentures that are built to last. We use the best materials for comfort, aesthetics and function. It’s important your dentures look natural, and we offer natural looking staining for a realistic finish. You’ll be amazed at the level of detail we offer.

Silver Standard Dentures

These are high impact acrylic and are much stronger than NHS acrylic. They have Ivoclar Ivostar teeth that look far more natural than NHS ones.​

Gold Standard Dentures​

These are made using the SR Ivocap injection system. As they are injected and the acrylic is kept under pressure while curing, there is very little shrinkage. This makes them as excellent fit as well as being several times stronger than conventional dentures. The teeth are mechanically and chemically bonded in place, making them far less likely to be displaced. The teeth are made from Ivoclar SDCL, which have a natural appearance and are very realistic. Contouring, rugae and stippling is included for a natural finish.​

Platinum Standard Dentures​

These are made using the SR Ivocap injection system, the same as with Gold standard, but also come with Ivoclar Phonares 2 teeth – some of the best on the market today.​

Platinum Plus Standard Dentures​

With all of the standards above, stainless steel clasps can be replaced with acetal tooth coloured clasps. We can also use chrome instead of acrylic. This results in a much thinner and stronger denture, which transfers heat much like your natural gum tissue.


Not sure which standard to choose? Book your appointment and we’ll talk you through the options.

These are the same as the Platinum standard but with all pink acrylic gum work built by hand. A combination of stains and ceramic composite hybrid material are layered for a unique, bespoke finish. The teeth can also be altered with the same technique to produce any finish the patient requires.​